Sunday, March 7, 2010

Me as Diety

Me in front of Me As Diety

The Honor's Commons is pretty excellent sometimes. The people that hang out there are far and away some of the most excellent people I've ever met, and things like this are just physical testaments to this.It started with a simple game of hangman, and instead of a boring stick figure Saher decided to draw me instead, with my furious beard and untamed golden mane.

Dan & Rox

Dan came in soon after and started a new game of hangman, which quickly evolved (or devolved, depending on how much you like hangman) into a collaborative brainstorming of ridiculous things to draw onto me.

Dan Draws

Dan drew most of the ridiculously awesome parts of the drawing: the kilt, the claymore & katana, the completely accurate legs, the pipe. Roxanne contributed wings, me exercising my smiting ability on Pompei, and various other finishing touches. They're both wicked talented artists, and they should totally make websites for their works that I could point you to (HINT)!

I know some excellent people.

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