Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More Food

Freak Grapes

When I was a kid we had a grape vine in the back of our yard that never bore a lot of fruit. I took a branch from it and planted it on the other side of the yard while I was playing back there. Years later, both of the vines have taken over each side of our fence and fruit every year, giving us a gigantic bowl of grapes which only ever last a week or so.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chess and Squirrels

It's been a while! I've gotten a new camera and a new lense - a D90 and Nikkons 18-200mm zoom respectively. They're both pretty sweet.

Decided to head to Union Square and try them both out with some available light.

Business Chess 2

I liked the pin-striped businessman playing chess against a street person. That juxtaposition is pretty cool, but for this it was more the crowd they attracted that interested me.

Squirrel Vagrant

I got this shot without the guy looking by making it look like I was just going for a shot of the squirrel, but he ended up framing the final picture really well so I kept him in.

(more on tha' flickr!)