Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hurry Hurry!



Spent the last two days cooking up simple little curries, using whatever veg was lying around. Just cooked some carrot, celery, kale and chicken together, then put it under milk and simmered till it got nice and soupy. The real skill comes in evaluating the spices and constantly tasting and altering it to taste.

It takes a while, but it might be the most delicious thing I've ever made. I've never been more proud of a thing I cooked.


Friday, March 12, 2010

Dan as Diety

Dan Christ

Took these pictures of Dan while waiting for friends to arrive at Grand Lux this week. The late afternoon sun was coming in really nice and hard, doing all sorts of pretty things to the area. I find I'm liking this 2:30-4 o'clock sun even more than sunset light lately; theres less pressure since it lasts longer than half an hour, and it's more constant along its duration which makes it easier to work with.

These were just shot really simply with Dan blocking the path of the setting sun, giving him a nice halo around his whole body (and making removing some background elements easier when editing). The orange wall of the Grand Lux behind me gave enough fill for Dan's body even though we're blowing out the background. If I could do this again, I'd try to position us closer to the wall so the difference in the two exposures wasn't so great.

Daniel Sun

Also used this as an excuse to play around with some high pass filtering in Photoshop. It's pretty subtle, but it really helps bring out features and sharpen things up without making them look too strange.

Dan plays bass in a very cool band called Fumblerooski. You oughta' check them out!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Duck Duck



Went to Astoria Park this Monday with mi amigo, Michael Evangelou. Hes a really good photographer and friend with really sharp eyes and a very very silly haircut.


Mike's "caught unawares" expression is always hilarious. Totally not flattering in the least, but it'd be boring if every picture was of him looking all nice and handsome. I've got pictures of Mike looking handsome*, and they're really really boring.


We also pulled Cristina away from a mountain of schoolwork to come hang out and stand in front of our cameras (Mike and I are weird and have our Spring Breaks this week). Popped off a couple simple shots of Cristina backlit by the setting sun and front-lit by just a bare light. Pretty happy with the results, and I didn't catch any diseases from the ultra-sketchy coastline! All in all, a good day!

* - I checked and this is actually a lie.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Me as Diety

Me in front of Me As Diety

The Honor's Commons is pretty excellent sometimes. The people that hang out there are far and away some of the most excellent people I've ever met, and things like this are just physical testaments to this.It started with a simple game of hangman, and instead of a boring stick figure Saher decided to draw me instead, with my furious beard and untamed golden mane.

Dan & Rox

Dan came in soon after and started a new game of hangman, which quickly evolved (or devolved, depending on how much you like hangman) into a collaborative brainstorming of ridiculous things to draw onto me.

Dan Draws

Dan drew most of the ridiculously awesome parts of the drawing: the kilt, the claymore & katana, the completely accurate legs, the pipe. Roxanne contributed wings, me exercising my smiting ability on Pompei, and various other finishing touches. They're both wicked talented artists, and they should totally make websites for their works that I could point you to (HINT)!

I know some excellent people.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tom's Balls

Tom's Balls

Just a micropost today. Midterms are a horrible horrible thing. Lots of time has been sunk into things that are not photography and writing, which hasn't been good for moods or brain. Grammar deteriorating. Not good.

Tom's Balls

This picture sums up my emotions at the moment perfectly.