Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Duck Duck



Went to Astoria Park this Monday with mi amigo, Michael Evangelou. Hes a really good photographer and friend with really sharp eyes and a very very silly haircut.


Mike's "caught unawares" expression is always hilarious. Totally not flattering in the least, but it'd be boring if every picture was of him looking all nice and handsome. I've got pictures of Mike looking handsome*, and they're really really boring.


We also pulled Cristina away from a mountain of schoolwork to come hang out and stand in front of our cameras (Mike and I are weird and have our Spring Breaks this week). Popped off a couple simple shots of Cristina backlit by the setting sun and front-lit by just a bare light. Pretty happy with the results, and I didn't catch any diseases from the ultra-sketchy coastline! All in all, a good day!

* - I checked and this is actually a lie.

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