Friday, March 12, 2010

Dan as Diety

Dan Christ

Took these pictures of Dan while waiting for friends to arrive at Grand Lux this week. The late afternoon sun was coming in really nice and hard, doing all sorts of pretty things to the area. I find I'm liking this 2:30-4 o'clock sun even more than sunset light lately; theres less pressure since it lasts longer than half an hour, and it's more constant along its duration which makes it easier to work with.

These were just shot really simply with Dan blocking the path of the setting sun, giving him a nice halo around his whole body (and making removing some background elements easier when editing). The orange wall of the Grand Lux behind me gave enough fill for Dan's body even though we're blowing out the background. If I could do this again, I'd try to position us closer to the wall so the difference in the two exposures wasn't so great.

Daniel Sun

Also used this as an excuse to play around with some high pass filtering in Photoshop. It's pretty subtle, but it really helps bring out features and sharpen things up without making them look too strange.

Dan plays bass in a very cool band called Fumblerooski. You oughta' check them out!

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