Friday, June 26, 2009


Set out today with old McClancy friends just expecting to go see the mediocre Transformers sequel (which we did, and it was worse than mediocre; it was downright crappy), but came out of it with some nice post-rain amazing sky pictures, with brand new subject VINNY!



Vincent is amazingly photogenic, despite being real shy around the camera and generally poo-pooing his looks.


Damon was there too, sporting the shirt emblazoned with the phrase that he can't help but say at least 30 times a goddamn day (don't think I don't keep a running tally Damon).

I'm gonna hijack this post a little to say just how horrible Transformers 2 was. There were no human characters in this movie worth a damn or with any kind of personality. I wouldn't mind this in an action movie usually, but it tries so damn hard to get me to feel something for these people, but it just fails. The movie is filled with so much destructive shit going on around the main characters that they constantly escape from unscathed that they almost lose any kind of mortality. HUGE Main-Character Invincibility problems.

I will say that Jetfire was goddamn awesome, and that all the scenes involving him were amazing. A crotchety old Decepticon turncoat talking about his ancestors ('My grandfather was a wheel! And do you know what he turned into?! NOTHING!') who walks with a cane and has a beard made out of metal? I'm there. More Jetfire please.

Aaaaaaanyway, enough of that. After we got out of the theatre and the torrential rain stopped, we went to Astoria Park for some crosslighting fun with the setting sun. Mike was there too, but he was off in the bear-infested forest at Astoria Park taking some more landscape shots.


I have never seen a sky like this. It was freakin' amazing and an excellent background for a nice low shot of Vinny to end the night.

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  1. yo brian awesome photography, i miss u guys. u mofo's where always funny, if any of u wana chat my aim is omegatazz3. and my email is see u guys later