Friday, June 12, 2009

Artifacts From the Past: BOOBIES!!


Was going through my old stuff from High School today, reminiscing. One of my friends from McClancy, TJ, was the kind of guy who would tie your shoe-laces to your backpack when you weren't looking so that when you got up to go to the bathroom you tripped on the huge weight. He would also steal my calculator for a whole period and always do... something to it. One of these periods he used whiteout to write the above message on the back of the case; we both laughed about it and I decided to leave it.

I find the calculator now, and when I turn it on, I find it filled with the sum '5138008', which confused me for a long while. Once I turned it upside down though, I found another of TJ's many pranks and couldn't help but making it the photo for the day.

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