Monday, April 4, 2011



Went on an adventure to Brooklyn last week to hand off an old lens to an old friend. Was pretty cool, seeing Roxanne in her new digs. Got to see Pratt and the surrounding sketch area. It's the sort of place you hear stuff about but don't see very often - hipster central. Bastions of craft and care next to untended lots and packed apartments. It's the kind of thing I'd rather show than tell, which means I'll probably be taking a trip back sometime soon.

Besides art, the real reason I want to go back is because of some biscuits I had while there. Roxanne took me to a place called Maggie Browne, and before we even got there the biscuits had been talked of with a kind of holy reverence. When they finally arrived, I almost didn't want to eat them because that would mean I could no longer smell them. I got over it though, and they disappeared before any pictures could be taken. I forget the rest of the meal - I think I had a fried fish po boy and Roxanne had some fried egg jalapeƱo on top of grits thing that I wound up finishing.

But those biscuits..

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