Sunday, August 28, 2011

Kim Boekbinder's (Im)possible Tour

Kim Boekbinder is an absolutely wonderful New York City artist. Shes under that bright pink mop of hair, I swear. I could write some words about the sort of music she makes or how shiny her outfits are or how cool she is in reaching out to her fans, but all of these things are better shown than explained.

Firstly, her music. Stop reading for a second and click this and listen to a few tracks as you continue reading:

Pretty awesome, right? A supremely talented musician and songwriter, Kim Boekbinder is reinventing the way people get to see her play live. Rather than book a gig and then try desperately (and sometimes without much help) to promote the performance and get people to attend, shes pre-selling the shows through Kickstarter and then tailoring each show of her country-wide tour based on how many people donate which amount of money. This way she can pull on the crowd-sourcing powers of the Internets to both fund and promote her shows. If a ton of people pitch in to attend, she'll play a big venue. If a few people donate a lot in a city, she'll play a small intimate show for them somewhere.

Kim Boekbinder

Shes already done it once in New York City, and it was an absolutely amazing show. As great as the recordings above are, she puts on an amazing show live. The show was in the somewhat stuffy 100 degree workshop of Makerbot, and I hardly noticed. Her performance was so exciting and energetic, I forgot it all. And there was a real sense among the audience that we all really wanted to see her and enjoy it, that we were there for her, which isn't always the case with other kinds of performances. But the way Kim is doing it guarantees that she'll get a crowd that's invested in the show.

(I didn't take many pictures at the show because someone else already was, but I knew when the squeaky alligator got pulled out that I had to get a shot of it. My hand just reflexively went up.)

Now shes expanding that initial idea to a wider tour, with dates stretching all the way from here to Portland. Please check and see if there is a date near you, and pitch in as much as you can to attend. I can't wait to see her play here again in November, and I know I won't be going alone!

Click below for details on shows and what cool swag you can get!

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