Thursday, October 14, 2010



My favorite shot from the night. The same five-year-old-boy expression on the opposing players as they race after the falling ball. That "Whoa-damn, lets go!"-face.

I've been looking at this shot for a while, and today I realized it's because I'm making the same expression as the players when I'm shooting them. That urgent feeling and tension is on me for the entire game, for every action. Every time a person moves or twists or kicks, it's a ball falling that I need to get to to make The Shot.

Shooting sports is difficult for me because of this. Each moment keeps building up tension that doesn't get released by looking at the shots in the camera. I know chimping is bad, but it's so difficult not to peek right after shooting ten frames of a guy rushing up the field and making an awesome kick. I just don't have the willpower right now not to look. The need to see if you translated the amazing spectacle you just witnessed is powerful, and it can't be satisfied on a three inch screen.

The release doesn't come till back at the office, sorting through the shots and realizing that there are actually some worth printing. Some actually worth feeling a little pride about. Some worth writing about.


No Torch next week, looking forward to the time off to work like mad.

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  1. whats great about this photo is you have the red jersey and the white jersey with the red and the white showing on the ball. It also looks like the rest of the field is in a blur with the two guys lunging forward, great shot!